Monday, 22 October 2012

MyUtility Pro Android App

MyUtility Pro:

MyUtility Pro app is an multi-utility app which is very useful in our routine life.
This app is the Premium version of MyUtility App having high quality User-Interface and new features are added regularly with all the users keeping in mind.
It contains various calculators like,
1)Age Calculator:
-It is used to calculate age of any person by just entering born year.Current year is automatically fetched from the calender of the smartphone.
2)Fitness Calculator:
-It is used to calculate Body Mass Index of any person and will tell you your body structure status.
3)Fuel Need Calculator:
-It is used to calculate required fuel to be fill into your vehicle by just entering fuel average and distance to cover. Thus its a very handy tool to calculate required fuel.
4)Simple Calculator:
-It is a very simple calculator to perform various mathematical operations and also allows us to obtain answer of all the calculations simultaneously.
5)Speed Need calculator:
-It is used to know the required speed in Km/h or Miles/h to reach the destination for particular time frame.
Thus i hope you will like the App.

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